Guitar Tricks vs Rocksmith

By | November 9, 2016

Guitar Tricks vs Rocksmith is a review a kin to the Biblical David vs Goliath. In fact, this analogy is so fitting especially when you look at their content banks. While Guitar Tricks has more than 11,000 guitar lessons modelled around some 600 songs covering diverse genres, Rocksmith offers learners only about 50 rocks songs. Rocksmith, a guitar-based game, apes Guitar Hero and Rock Band and comes with USB-to-1/4″ cable that connects your guitar to a game console, essentially turning it into a guitar rig. Here is a detailed look at the two guitar lessons as well as reasons why Guitar Tricks does scoop all the five stars in this comparison.

Guitar Tricks vs Rocksmith

Beginner lessons

The strength of any efficient learning resource lies in the foundation it establishes in learners who use it. It is in this regard, that Guitar Tricks gives Rocksmith a thorough smashing. Guitar Tricks’ lessons are deep and thorough, cover the introductory aspects so well and warm up learners in readiness for advanced sessions. Moreover, their presentation is progressive thus helping learners build skills commensurate with their competence levels. Rocksmith on the other hand, does not have any reasonable lesson structure to write home about.

Detailed advanced lessons developed by experienced instructors

Aside from the comprehensive beginner lessons, Guitar Tricks does have an immense breadth of recourses for teaching advanced and expert guitar sessions. All these lessons are just as detailed and are filled with essential tips and tricks of infusing new ideas in every piece you play. Most learners using Guitar Tricks graduate with heightened competency and in most cases, are able to infuse creativity in every song.

Learners also benefit from the wide experience the platform’s tutors possess. Most learners using Guitar Tricks stand a better chance of developing their skills right to master-level because they get the best tuition available online.

Etudes, preps and challenges

Guitar Tricks has additional features like the metronome, which helps learners create etudes for practice. Aside from this, the platform does send out preps, challenges and even more etudes in their periodic email shots. Learners who take advantage of these stand to broaden their expertise because the practice material cover almost every genre that Guitar Tricks covers.

Rocksmith does not have such thought out resources. In fact, once you are through practicing the 50 songs contained in the starter pack, you are on your own. You as such, figure out which jams to buy and genres to practice. In essence, Rocksmith structure only suits people who learn guitar for fun.

Experienced instructors

Guitar Tricks has more than 40 instructors and all these are available to guide and help you polish your skills. The comprehensive nature of most of the lessons feels a lot like in-person sessions. Unfortunately, you cannot say the same for Rocksmith lessons. Granted, Rocksmith has a fun teaching method that ensures that you have your guitar in your hands every time you are learning. This is interesting but unfortunately is not enough for people looking to learn fast.


Guitar Tricks has a straightforward pricing policy. The monthly charges of $19.95 give access to every bit of the website. Rocksmith on the other hand, costs $59.99, which is a great price for the software. However, this comes loaded with only 50 songs. Because you need additional songs as you progress, you have to buy these in packs of two to five songs costing between $5 and $10.

Rocksmith is worth mentioning because it gets you to hold the guitar a lot more often, which is great. It however cannot compete effectively with Guitar Tricks. Guitar Tricks is highly recommended.