Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Guitar Review

By | September 18, 2018

Since its introduction in the 1960s, the hummingbird quickly became a classic acoustic series after legendary artists such as Keith Richards popularized it. Fast forward to modern day and the Epiphone hummingbird pro guitar is still one of the most coveted acoustic guitars. The hummingbird is revered for its smooth action and woody tones making it ideal for both country and rock. Because the Epiphone hummingbird pro boasts both acoustic and electric capabilities, you can plug it in, and it will do just fine on any stage thanks to its shadow ePerformer preamp and NanoFlex pickup system. Here’s a review of the Hummingbird pro covering specs, pros, and cons.

Epiphone hummingbird guitar pro

Key features and specifications

• Full- size dreadnought style guitar

• Solid spruce top accompanied with mahogany on the back and sides

• Radius 12″ rosewood fingerboard with pearloid parallelogram inlays

• Compensated saddle with imitation bone

• Electronic system with shadow preamp and Shadow NanoFlex pickup

• Includes master volume, bass EQ and treble EQ controls

• Rosewood fretboard with 20 frets


• The hummingbird pro sports an excellent built quality similar to its more expensive Gibson sibling

• Because it’s an acoustic/electric guitar, it can play a broad range of music genres from rock to country.

• Its slim taper neck guarantees comfort when playing

• The preamp controls make it easy to adjust volume and treble.

• A great balance in sound further complemented by superb hardware


• Though the guitar has good build quality, its neck and body are not the strongest in its class

• The neck requires some bit of adjustment before playing

• It’s cherry red color though striking tends to fade over time

• Guitar lack tone without a bottom end

Frequently asked questions about the Epiphone hummingbird pro guitar

Does this acoustic guitar come with a gig bag?

Unfortunately, unlike most guitars from Fender and Gibson, this guitar doesn’t come with a gig bag. However, you can still get a great case from popular online platforms at reasonable prices.

Is the hummingbird pro a right-handed or left-handed guitar?

This acoustic guitar is only available as a right-handed instrument.

Is the Epiphone hummingbird suitable for beginners?

The hummingbird pro is one of a few acoustic guitars that you can play out of the box with minimal adjustments. This feature makes it an ideal option for beginners and amateurs looking to polish up their string game.

Is the design etched into the pickguard? Is it possible to access it by removing its protective covering?

If you ever feel the need to do so, the pickguard is readily accessible by removing its protective cover.

A detailed look at the Hummingbird’s specs and sound qualities

With its distinct faded cherry red finish and stunning pickguard, there’s no mistaking a hummingbird when you see one. This acoustic guitar from Epiphone retains the classic design points reminiscent of the 1960s version. It has a full-size dreadnought body with squared shoulders as well as an elaborately-decorated imitation tortoise pickguard. Epiphone opted for a solid spruce top for this guitar; an excellent choice because spruce is a rich tonewood that ages well over time. The body and neck are finished in select mahogany on the sides and back. Still, on the neck, it’s attached to the body via a glued-in dovetail joint and boasts a classic slim taper D profile and a 24.75″ scale.

The hummingbird pro comes with D’addario light strings, a rosewood bridge, an adjustable truss rod, and a compensated imitation bone saddle. Its classic headstock boasts a set of superb tuners from Grover with a gear ratio of 14:1. Moving on to its electronics, the hummingbird pro features a battery-powered system complete with versatile controls for the volume, bass, and treble. Thanks to its preamp system and impressive tonewood, this guitar produces warm and rich tones that remain well-balanced throughout. Its shadow-designed preamp does an excellent job of naturally amplifying the acoustic tones making the hummingbird a promising guitar for just about anyone.

Who is the Epiphone hummingbird pro guitar for?

The hummingbird pro, as with other high-end Epiphone products, sports excellent craftsmanship, feels good in the hand and is a joy to play. It’s no wonder then that this iconic guitar is associated with celebrities such as Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, Keith Richards, and Lenny Kravitz. Professional guitarists will be pleased with the hummingbird pro for both on stage and off stage performances. Beginners too will feel right at home with it thanks to its easy playability out of the box.

How the Epiphone hummingbird pro compares to other acoustic guitars

Epiphone vs. Gibson acoustics- hummingbird comparison

Though these hummingbirds look very similar from a distance, a closer inspection reveals the differences in the attention to detail and craftsmanship. The Gibson leaves nothing to chance; it’s made from some of the finest materials and features the cutting edge L.R Baggs element VTC acoustic system. The Epiphone rocks the more affordable shadow ePerformer preamp. Though the Gibson excels over the Epiphone in all aspects, it also costs ten times more than the Epiphone variant.

Epiphone hummingbird pro vs. Seagull S6

At just under $400, there’s no doubt that these two are among the best affordable guitars for beginners. While the Epiphone is primarily a right-handed guitar, the original S6 is left-handed. The Epiphone is finished in faded cherry while the S6 has a sunburst finish.

Martin DRS2 Dreadnought acoustic Vs. Epiphone Hummingbird Pro

The DRS2 delivers that classic Martin sound which is often the benchmark for what an acoustic guitar should sound like. It features a solid Sitka spruce top as well as Sapele back and sides. Though pricier than the Epiphone Hummingbird, the Martin DRS2 compensates with a rich quality tone.

What are people saying about this guitar?

Guitarists are impressed with the guitars impressive build quality and easy playability. The fact that the hummingbird is easy to set up and ready to play out of the box is another feature worth mentioning. Its light weight and small neck make it easy to pick up while it’s onboard preamp make it a superb guitar.

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A rich tone, coupled with a slim playable neck make the hummingbird an excellent choice for both beginners and pro guitarists. At $399, the hummingbird pro is conveniently priced given it punches way above its weight regarding sound quality. In fact, the hummingbird pro competes well against other guitars, like the Gibson hummingbird, that are many times its price. If you are looking for an affordable acoustic/electric guitar that can explore many music styles, then the Epiphone hummingbird pro guitar is for you.