Bone Of The Day: Add-A-Caption Pt. 3

It’s Tuesday here at Bonerama HQ, which means it’s time for your favorite game: Add A Caption! Leave a comment below and add a caption to this photo. We’ll feature some of the best responses in an upcoming Bone Of The Day post. Ready? Go!

Got a photo or video that should be featured on Bone Of The Day? Let us know!

8 responses to “Bone Of The Day: Add-A-Caption Pt. 3”

  1. Stacy Weaver Isolda

    Looks a little soft to me!!!!!

  2. Steven

    Bonerama’s got…a PEEL!

  3. Storm

    Collaboration Begs Re-remake of Venus. Bonerama in studio with Bananarama.

  4. Bone

    Slippin’ to Tips…

  5. Fred Mertz

    Since bananas have no bones, we had to strap this one on it!

  6. ben"jammin"castille bones

    Oh thank god! I still have my keys to the mystery machine. Yes,… it uses a banana for the ignition.

  7. Peter

    What would Freud say?

  8. Bone Of The Day: Oh, Tipitina | Bonerama

    [...] Part 3 winners: #1: “Bonerama’s got…a PEEL” -Steven Stoner #2: “Looks a bit soft to me!!!!!” -Stacy Weaver Isolda #3: “What would Freud say?” -Peter Sloan [...]

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