Jazz Fest……Radiators setlist…..5-8-11

The RADS set was off the hook great. They started out boiling and at the end of the day, 7:20, it was spilling over with so much good music and an unexpected happiness that I think it was felt world wide. The Rads were in great spirits and brought their A-game for the last time.

Warren Haynes, Paul Barrere from Little Feat and Dave’s brother Tommy were the guitar-slingers along with Camile and Dave. Michael Doucet was the fiddle slinger. When I looked over and saw all of them I thought how blessed we were.

Here is the Rads set list, written by Dave and signed by Dave & Camile. It was an honor and a privilege to play with the Radiators on their last gig at JF. Thanks for 33 years of some amazing rocking music. -ck

Radiators Setlist

Rads JF setlist

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  1. Missy Bowen

    Hey, Sparky, I got YOUR signature on my copy of the set list!

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