Dear NOLA concert……2-17-11…..Blue Nile

The Dear NOLA show last night (Thursday) in New Orleans at the Blue Nile was fabulous. Lots of great collaborations between us and all of the musicians that were in town for the “artist retreat” that Air Traffic Control ( and The Future of Music Coalition ( Check out their web sites and get an understanding of what they do. It’s really good things and it all affects us. We can all be active in doing good things.
Bonerama has been the “house band” for all 7 of the retreats. The list of musicians that we have played with in the past is amazing. We know about the obvious musicians like Mike Mills and Tom Morello (past retreaters) and Vernon Reid (this year) but there are so many that we know nothing about and are completely surprised by the beauty of their music that they bring to us. We write arrangements on some of their songs and put together a show with people we meet the day of rehearsal which is the day of the show.
We always put a lot of work into putting a show like this on spending a lot of time writing arrangements and rehearsing then playing the show that night. It’s plenty of work for one night of music, but oh what a night of music it is. Every single show (7) has been so freaking good. It’s truly amazing and the people who have seen and heard them have seen a once in a life time show. Never to be replicated again. We had a blast with all of them. One of the ones we were excited to play with was Vernon Reid (remember Living Colour from the 80′s?). Vernon’s an unbelievable guitar player and a super nice dude. A shredder. The sound check started with us jamming with him on a few songs. He likes and wants to play. He spent a lot of the night on stage. But I have to say that each and every musician was delightful to play with. Cody ChesnuTT was very intense, Mirah was a sweet voice and spirit. Jenny and Kristin did some rocking. Zach Rogue has an amazing voice. M1 rapped like he was on free style fire. Helen and Terry pumped it up, pumped it up. Sage Francis rapped with intensity. Local hero Sunpie took the charge and led it like a true New Orleanian. Also playing on a lot of the songs were Shawn King on trumpet and Ira Tuton on fretless bass. Both these guys sat back in the pocket and played great. Of course wrapping it up as we always do was Al “Carnival Time” Johnson doing it like no one else. And DJ Spooky started the show off and did an intermission with the rappers Sage Francis and M1.
It was truly a night to remember. It was caught on tape and may make an appearance in the future and the proceeds from last nights show went to two worthy causes. Sweet Home New Orleans ( and The Gulf Restoration Network ( Sweet Home Deals with N.O. musicians and other folks like Mardi Gras Indians get home and the Gulf Restoration Network deals with what goes on in the gulf and with the BP oil spill, they have a lot of work to do.

DJ Spooky starts the night off with some spinning

Set One:

Close The Door – Bonerama

Gone Are All The Days – Mirah, Bonerama & Cody ChestnuTT
Rubies and Rocks

Slugger – Jenny and Kristin of Tsunami and Bonerama
The Match

Running Away From Me – Zach Rogue and Bonerama
I Will Walk
Come Back To Us

DJ Spooky short set with Sage Francis and M1

Remember Your Right – Cody ChestnuTT , Bonerama and Vernon Reid

Better – Helen and Terry and Bonerama

Waterline – Sage Francis and Bonerama
Walk on the Rap Side

Zydeco Got Soul – Sunpie , Bonerama, Mirah and Cody
The Tomato Song
Gospel Medley

Mercy Mercy – Bonerama and Vernon Reid
Shake Your Rugalator – M1 & Vernon
Crosstown Traffic -M1 & Vernon

Shake Rattle and Roll – Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Bonerama and everybody else
Carnival Time

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