In The Lou last night…..set list 1-19-11

St. Louis is a fun place to play and we’ve been lucky enough to get here and play music quite a few times over the past few years. Seems like we always see a bunch of special people showing up. Last night at The Gramophone we saw those people once again, but this time we had some trombone friends help us blow the roof off. The Gramophone is a good spot to play music at, but so is The Broadway Oyster Bar. (We’re going to Oyster Bar later tonight for some dinner and a hang).
We left New Orleans in the Sprinter at 6am Wed. morning, picked up Mark on the Northshore and drove straight up to St. Lou. Arrived at 5ish: straight to the Gramophone to load in and a quick sound check. When we started rehearsing sounds, Greg’s horn breaks in two pieces at the slide. We were lucky enough to know a great bone repair technician dude named Aaron Chandler in St. Lou. Called him and he said he’d take care of it. We leave the club to get some killer soul food (to go) from Sweetie Pies (Mississippi Soul Food just down the street from the club. Went to hotel and checked in, ate, cleaned up, some, then went back to the Gramophone for the show, which started at 9:30ish. The snow started around 9 and in spite of it, we had a super fun crowd of people there. It’s crazy, but sometimes when you are tired from a long ass day, you play some inspiring music. It happened a few times last night and when the other 3 bone dudes showed up, Aaron being one of them. He got there before we showed up, found Greg’s horn in the dressing room and fixed it even before we showed up. He came with his plastic Gris Gris bag of blow torches and solder, felts and high note grease and took care of all of our horns. Big thanks to Aaron for that. We do need a trombone tech. (Irving Mayfield has a trumpet tech.) We also had Dave Dickey sit in with us. Dave is a friend of ours who teaches up here and also plays with the Philharmonic. He also runs an internet radio station that features recordings of the trombone in all kinds of musical settings. Bonerama is in rotation there, check it out at And last but not least, we had Doug Bert from the Musicians Exchange and he also blew up a storm.
That was 6 bones on stage all at once and no one got hurt, but we did play some good music. The power that comes off the stage with that many bones playing is ginormous. Off in St Lou then off to KC on Friday where we’ve never played, but we know people there and I know its going to be a fun night. Get out the BBQ sauce from Gates. -ck

Here is the Set list from St. Lou:

The Gramophone
St. Louis, MO

Set One:
By Athenish
I Got Loaded
What You See
Blackout In New York City
When My Dreamboat Comes Home
21st Century Schizoid Man
Turtle Walk *

Set Two:
Indian Red
A Certain Girl #
Go To The Mardi Gras >
Shake Your Rugalator #
Folly #
And I Know
Alright Alright

Down By the Riverside >
When The Levee Breaks >

* first time played
# with Aaron Chandler, Dave Dickey and Doug Bert on trombones

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