What happened in Virginia Beach…

Hey Bone Heads…We are almost back in New Orleans….It’s Monday morning and we have been chasing the moon all night long so we can get home from Virginia Beach where we played the Bayou Boogaloo festival. The gravitational pull back to N.O. is incredible. I think we are fired up about the fabulous last 4 days of BNR shows we just played. Its been moving and playing a lot, which is what we do pretty good. We played 8 performances in just the last 2 days between the horns, drums and guitar. Here is a synopsis of the actual events:

We played Annapolis on Thursday, and Wilmington on Friday. Both were fun shows that each lasted a couple hours straight. On Thursday we left Wilmington @ 5:30am to get to Virginia Beach to play a 2:30 show.  Made it, did the show, and sweated cause it’s hot & humid as you know what and we played our 1st set in the tent stage. Our good N.O. friend, Anders Osborne, came on after us and Eric pulled double duty and rocked Anders hard hard hard with Kirk Joseph there playing the grooviest sousaphone lines ever. Mark and I played with Anders on a couple songs. After that Greg, Mark and I walked over to the big stage and knocked a few songs back with the Radiators….hahaa, that’s always fun….Kinda know some of their songs.  Went back to the tent stage again and played our second set….its getting hotter…..the music that is…..we finish at 8:30 and head over to Dr. John’s set on the main stage. The BNR horns played the last song, As I Lay My Burden Down and the encore, of course, Big Chief with the good Dr.  He said in his own Dr. John lingo/voice, “Bonerama herns, is da shit”…..hahaa, yea you right Mac.  That was too much fun, but the next day hit another high peak when Anders played before BNR on the main stage.

Our own resident rocker, Bert Cotton was called up to jam away on Ya Ya Ya Ya….or something YaYa.  Guitars were shredded. With a short change over the Bones did our set where Kirk Joseph had to come up and played that groovy bass line with Nori’s groovy bass lines.  Anders also came up and added some slide guitar to the mix.  Some real nice musical things happened. Little Feat was coming on after us. We knew we wanted to stick around and hear some Little Feat. The next thing we know is that we are up on the stage playing a kick ass extended version of Dixie Chicken with Little Feat and they sounded great. They even looked like they wanted to play music with each other. We had a blast. After it was over, Ritchie Hayward, the drummer from Feat said “I don’t even like trombones, but I love these guys.” Hahaaaha.

So Bayou Boogaloo felt like we were on Jam Cruise again…adding some BNR horns, guitar and drums to everybody else’s mix. It gets mixed up and out comes some hip music.

So that was our last 4 days and we are almost in N.O., real time…….

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